taking care of your child's oral health

Our Therapist/Hygienist Mal Cottle takes care of all our patients under the age of 18 yrs. His delightful enthusiasm engages children, and motivates them to take an active interest in maintaining healthy teeth.

Dentists for childrenYour child's visit to our practice

Many of us do not recall our visits to the Dentist in our younger years favourably!

We have progressively moved forward to not only make your child look forward to visiting us, but also to make you smile!

Children can not be treated like little adults (ie. "Jump in the chair, open wide, lets get on with it."). The approach we take here successfully is based on TELL... SHOW... DO. For example, a new young patient comes in with parents to be greeted by Mal and Flossy (our bright pink dinosaur puppet). We tell them about what we are going to do:  "Today we are going to count all your teeth. This is called a check up. Can you say check up?"

Next a role-play check up is done on Flossy with the patient helping; And finally the patient receives their dental examination.

This engaging routine demistifies dentistry to young people, involves them with all staff before even looking inside their mouth. And everyone has a positive experience!

Procedures at your child's first visit

Initially a comprehensive examination is done. This may involve:

  • Full mouth charting and diagnosis.
  • Soft tissue check (gums, lips, tongue etc).
  • Saliva assessment.
  • Orthodontic screening.
  • Brushing evaluation including plaque disclosing.
  • At this stage the children are taken to the brushing sink to brush their teeth, and this allows the therapist TIME to discuss issues with parents, for example, the needs of their child without prejudicing successful treatment. Honesty and options available will be discussed. We pride ourselves on education, and open discussion.
  • A scale, clean and fluoride treatment will most likely be done to conclude the initial visit.
  • If further treatment is required a follow appointment is made not to over whelm the younger patient. Shorter visits early in the day have had great success in treating even the most anxious child, starting with simple procedures to more pressing concerns.