Child Dental Benefits Scheme

VAN DER WALT DENTAL happily participates in and supports the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme is a child dental benefits programme that began in 2014.

It allows eligible children between the ages of 2yrs and 18yrs to claim a Medicare rebate (up to $1000.00) for some dental services over two consecutive calendar years (provided your child is still eligible for the scheme in the second year). The dental services covered by the Child Dental Benefits Scheme include : examinations (Check ups), Bitewing Xrays, Cleaning, Fissure sealing , Fillings, Root Canal Therapy, Extractions.

If your child doesn't use the full $1000.00 rebate in the first year, they can use the balance in the second year (provided your child is still eligible for the scheme in the second year)

You don't need to register for the Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Eligible families and teenagers will receive a letter from the Government each year confirming your/your childs eligibility for the year. Your childs eligibility will be determined each calendar year.

If your are unsure of your childs eligibility, you can check with Medicare by calling 132011 or at

VAN DER WALT DENTAL is not a bulk billing practice. There will be some out of pocket expences between our fees and the rebate you receive back from Medicare. The out of pocket expences will vary dependiing on the procedures performed. You will be given an account at the end of each appointment, which is due to be paid at the time of treatment. If you bring your Medicare card to these appointments, reception staff will attempt to claim your Medicare rebate for you electronically before you leave the practice, and the Medicare rebate will be refunded into your EFTPOS account the next working day. Alternatively, you can download the Medicare claim form and post it to the Department of Human Services, or you can claim your rebate in person at the Medicare Office.