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Infection following third molar surgery is UNCOMMON. If it does occur, it often presents 7 – 10 days after surgery as increased pain, swelling and foul discharge in the mouth. In some cases, antibiotics will have already been prescribed after surgery to prevent infection. It is important that you finish the whole course even if there are no problems.


Dissolving stitches are used.  These disappear gradually over a period of 5 -7 days. If they fall out earlier than this, do not worry, provided there is no persistent bleeding, the stitches have done their job.


Please remember to begin mouth rinses at least 6 hours after the extraction and not before so as not to disturb the initial blood clot. Meticulous mouth care and cleanliness is VITAL to rapid healing and prevention of nasty infections. 

Brushing will be difficult during the first few days so rinse your mouth with warm salt water mouthwashes and antiseptic (Colgate savacol original) mouthwash prescribed at least 4 times daily, especially after meals. When rinsing your mouth, keep the mouthwash over the extraction site for at least 1 minute to help kill the germs and clear the accumulated food debris.


Your diet will need to be restricted to soft foods for up to 7 days or until the swelling and discomfort eventually subside. Thereafter a gradual return to normal diet is advised. REMEMBER to rinse your mouth immediately after each meal.


A medical certificate will be provided to cover the day of the surgery and any other days the Dentist deems necessary for the recovery before returning to normal duties.

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